A local council striving for the best in reading and writing instruction.



Improve the quality of reading instruction.

To instill a love of reading in students and adults.

To promote activities  that highlight literacy.


President—Jeannie Blake

Vice President—Kersten Marquart

Secretary—Becky Ryder

Treasurer—Mindy Thomas


3 stars

Events to Remember

Membership Drive August 2022     

HEART Membership Drive September 2022  Chairperson:  Becky Ryder

HEART Literacy Basket October 2022  Chairperson:  Jane Duffy

Jumpstart’s Read for the Record October 2022

WVRA Conference November 18 and 19, 2022

Books in Holiday Baskets December 2022

Member Activity January 2023  Chairperson:  Jeannie Blake

HEART Family Literacy Activity February 2023  Chairperson:  Jennifer Lipinski/Michelle Ovies

Young Writers Tea March 2023  Chairperson:  Amanda McGraw

Literature Fair April 2023  Chairperson:  Becky Ryder

Spring Banquet May 2023  Judges:  Kersten Marquart/Jennifer Lipinski    Favors:  Heather Haught

2022 Rita Takach “Reading Teacher of the Year”

It is a privilege for the Marshall County Literacy Council to honor its Rita Takach “Reading Teacher of the Year” for 2022.  Amanda McGraw, Kindergarten Teacher at McNinch Primary School, received her award at the Marshall County Literacy Council’s Spring Banquet on May 17, 2022.  Amanda will complete an application for West Virginia Reading Association’s Eddie C. Kennedy Award.  We wish her good luck in November!

Amanda promotes literacy through many activities.  She immerses her students in a literacy-rich environment with hands-on learning activities.  She provides small group instruction to meet her diverse learners.  She models her love of reading through high interest, engaging read alouds.

Amanda made videos to assist with Fundations lessons during remote learning.  She assisted in getting classroom sponsors for Blooming with Books.  She tutored over the summer.  She served on the textbook adoption committee.  She encouraged guest readers for her classroom.  She researched Heggerty Phonemic Awareness Program and advocated for its use in Kindergarten at McNinch.  She helped with Title 1 Family Fun Night and various book studies.  Additionally, she coordinated Reading Eggs with Fundations to give her students multiple opportunities to learn.

Amanda received many compliments of her teaching.  “Her understanding of brain research, how individuals learn to read, and components of our phonics program makes delivery of instruction most effective.”  Her principal stated, “Amanda cares about her students, motivates her students, sets high standards for them, and works hard with her students so they can reach their highest potential.”

Congratulations to Amanda McGraw, Marshall County Literacy Council’s Rita Takach Reading Teacher of the Year!