goals brochure

West Virginia Reading Association
Mission and Goals

The West Virginia Reading Association is dedicated to
improving achievement in lifelong learning.

Goal 1
Advance quality staff development to enhance reading instruction.

* Develop and encourage professional development aligned to standards, assessment and instruction.

*Advocate "best practice" study and implementation

Goal 2
Promote and disseminate scientifically based research.

* Establish web/tech connections.

* Produce research summaries.

*Align conference/seminar content to research.

Goal 3
Establish alliances to foster literacy

* Build collaboration efforts with governmental, nongovernmental, and community agencies.

* Partner with families to impact children's reading success.

Goal 4
Sustain the infrastructure through effective leadership development.  

* Conduct annual leadership seminars.

* Broaden opportunities for leadership.

Goal 5
Identify and focus on literacy issues.   

* Design and implement reading literacy campaigns.

* Sponsor conferences and seminars.

* Produce the Interchange and other publications.


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