June 18 - 20 WVRA 40th Annual Leadership Conference, Bridgeport Conference Center
July 1 Happy 50th Anniversary WVRA! (chartered July 1, 1968)
July 20 - 23 ILA Annual Conference, Austin, TX
August 15 Deadline to submit nominations for awards to Citations and Awards

Review and Finalize Plans for Local, State, & ILA Goals

Secure Faculty Representatives in All Schools to Help Promote Council

August 31

Deadline for submitting proposals to present at the Greenbrier

Deadline to submit ads for Conference Program

September 21 WVRA Board of Directos (BOD) Meeting, Bridgeport Conference Center
September 22

WVRA Administrative Councils and Committees (ACC) Meeting, Waldomare Libraray, Clarksburg, WV

September 22 Deadline for Mailing WVRA Award Nomination Packets
October 1 Deadline for councils to submit membership goals to Kathy Chapman
October 15 Deadline for submitting registration WVRA Greenbrier Conference
November 15 Deadline for filing final E-990 Tax Form
November 15 - 16

WVRA 63rd Confer3ence, The Greenbrier, White Sulphur Springs, WV

Thursday - Executive Board Brunch; Special Awards Tea for current and previous WVRA Award Winners.

Friday - ILA and WVRA Awards

December 15 Deadline to Submit ILA Award of Excellence and Honor Council Materials
December 31 Deadline to submit council membership lists to Kathy Chapman
January Appoint a Committee to Solicit Council Officers for May 30th deadline!
March 1 WVRA Board of Directors (BOD) Meeting, Bridgeport Conference Center
March 2

WVRA Administrative Councils and Committees (ACC) Meeting, Bridgeport Conference Center

April 30 WVRA Executive Board Meeting, Holiday Inn Express, Charleston, WV
June 41st WVRA Annual Leadership Conference,Bridgeport Conferenc Center